​​​​TTCGC Disclosure

​​The ultimate TTCGC disclosure guide 

Syntegra Change Architects, in collaboration with UNCTAD, published  the first corporate governance disclosure practices in Trinidad & Tobago study in 2011. We analyzed every single annual report of all companies listed on the TTSE. Subsequently we also analyzed all annual reports of companies listed on the JSE, and the BSE as well as all the legislation and regulation in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Barbados. We benchmarked our findings against the 52 UNCTAD/ISAR best practice disclosure items.   

Our findings were directly linked to concerted call for urgent and systematic improvements and we therefore lead the establishment of the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute (CCGI) in 2012 and then to initiate the development of the Trinidad & Tobago Corporate Governance Code (TTCGC) in 2013 over the course of 9 months.

Since then we have helped numerous companies to apply the TTCGC. In the process we have assembled a very detailed guide on exactly what needs to and can be disclosed in order to demonstrate application of the code.

In this guide we share with you our experience so that you know exactly what the code requires. 

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