​​​​Strategy Planning

Our general approach to strategy is familiar:

  • Anchor the strategy process in the purpose of the organization or re-visit Mission, Vision, and Values;
  • Use that basis together with financial or service targets to analyze the organization both from the perspectives of internal activities as well as external dynamics and interaction;
  • Develop a range of options that are then evaluated so as to determine the most promising combination;
  • Develop in greater detail the associated projects, initiatives and execution plans.

“We help create viable strategies”


What distinguishes our approach from others is that we design Strategy for 'sequentaneous' implementation.

Our approach is one that takes the most direct route to strategy execution. We utilize a process that emphasizes speed, robustness, adaptability and achieving results within minimum time.

We provide a framework for the right participation of your staff and stakeholders in the design process, and for ensuring you move from strategy to execution.

The key elements of this approach are:

  • Having the right focus from the outset
  • Using the right factors and process for decision making
  • Anticipating rather than reacting
  • Continuity during change

Having defined the strategy, we assess the implications of that strategy in terms of structure, organization and process as well as culture, leaders' intention and skills.

We then support you to realign your organization using a Viable Systems Model, (VSM) - a viable system is any system organized in such a way that enables it to optimally respond to the demands of a changing environment.

As the Head of Strategy for the Massy Group my daily work is at the interface of the Boards and Executive Teams both at the Corporate and the Strategic Business Unit levels. This a very complex because it is not easy for all to maintain role clarity and to competently analyse, develop, execute and govern the strategies in our complex environment.

I have worked with Axel both as a strategy and governance consultant to AMCHAM board in which I work with other top executives in the country, as well as the ISO TC309 Working Group that he is co-convening and that is developing the new ISO37000 Governance of Organizations.

Axel has brought refreshing clarity, rigour, and innovation. He has huge expertise in both content and process. Instead of dreadful and tedious routine, I could see and feel the energizing and innovative impact of good practice because Axel tailored it to fit our context.

Axel truly walks the talk of authenticity and purposeful value generation. He makes the complex and rigorous feel effortlessly clear and creates amazing results.

I have worked with many consultants and subject matter experts. Axel fits in with the best internationally and is truly a global leader when it comes to strategy and governance. I enthusiastically endorse Axel and his team – you are in safe and proven hands.

​Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation Planning
  • Organisational Development
  • Strategic HR Advisory
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Strategy Review and Assessment
  • Strategy Realignment
  • Organisation Re-design and Restructuring
  • Organisation Performance and Measurement
  • Viable Systems Model
  • Syntegra stands out through thought leadership, innovation and experience based impact.