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Fulfil your purpose

You as  the leader as well the organization you are leading each have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. When you and the organization are aligned, energy is released, and you are generating value sustainably. Intention, skills and competencies, systems and process, culture and ethos are all necessary ingredients. Here you will find a selection of materials, old and new, as well as links to past and current events. 


To be innovative, organizations need leaders who are able to innovate their own role and help others to do the same. 


Leaders have followers. Purposeful leaders enable to their followers to align with the purpose of the organization. That results in boundless engagement.


The purpose of the organization is expressed through its actions and value it generates. Leaders interpret the purpose of the organization and align themselves as well as others with it. 

IFC Governance guide for SMEs

 In 2019 the IFC published its toolkit for corporate governance of SMEs. Syntegra, through Helen Carrington and Dr Axel Kravatzky, were the co-authors. Learn about this unique good governance guidance for different stages of an SME. It's a powerful approach and you'll have access to useful tools and templates.   

ISO Standards - ISO 37000 Guidance for the Governance of Organizations. 

Dr Axel Kravatzky, is the co-convenor, editor, and within T&T the NMC Chair.  ISO 37000 Guidance for the governance of organizations is a new foundational standard at Draft International Standard stage. Find out more and engage now.

Download tools for the Trinidad & Tobago Corporate Governance Code (TTCGC)

Our studies and leadership in the corporate governance field resulted in the development of Trinidad & Tobago Corporate Governance Code (TTGC) in 2013. Organizations across Trinidad & Tobago are applying the code and in response to the many requests we have received for guidance, we have developed an ultimate guide series in disclosure in accordance with the code. 

Corporate Governance Toolkit SMEs, SOEs

In 2014 we completed a project financed by the IDB for the Energy Chamber in which we developed a corporate governance toolkit and trained at about 600 persons across Trinidad & Tobago. 

 Online support for clients and governance leaders

Do you want tailored guidance for tailoring your governance framework? Are you searching for training in governance (corporate governance but also public bodies, State Owned Enterprises, SMEs, NGOs)? Do you want to recruit new board members or want to serve on a governance body? We have created dedicated websites to support our clients and governance leaders.  

Personal & Empowering

"Purposeful Governance" 

our flagship certificate level governance course

Governance fit for the 21st Century - are you ready? In this interactive, cohort based course you will work on your own, in live small groups with other governance innovators,  live online workshop sessions, and you have personal access to our lead faculty - Dr Axel Kravatzky.  We  apply the latest good practice guidance from around the world to different types of organizations, in different contexts, and to the practice cycles of governance work. 

Module 1: Purposeful Governance
Module 2: The Governing Body
Module 3: Decisions - the Meeting Cycle
Module 4: Generating Purposeful Value - the Annual Cycle
Module 5: Sustaining Value - the Multi-Year Cycle