Support for Governance Innovators

Every organization and every role leaders take in these organizations is unique and the governance framework as well as the roles taken needs to be tailored for that context. General good governance principles apply, but how they are applied in the specific context, what it looks and feels like in reality will differ depending on context.

That is why the support needed in different circumstances also needs to be different - it needs to be tailored. 

Tailored Governance

Whether you are a board chair, a committee chair, and independent or executive director, a corporate secretary, or a audit committee members, or a governance committee member; 

Whether you a member of the ownership unit of state owned enterprise or family business shareholder or council member, or a trustee of charity, or an internal or external auditor, or head of compliance, or lead the ethics committee, or the risk committee, etc;

Whether your organization is small or large private company, a family business or state owned enterprise, a cooperative, or a network organization, etc;

All these combinations result in different requirements and it would be wrong to try force the same old corporate governance framework on them. 

That is why we have created

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June 11, 2020

Axel Kravatzky

Dr Axel Kravatzky helps governance and strategy leaders innovate with fresh, high standard 21st Century approaches. He is purpose-driven, experienced and highly qualified (BSc, MSc, PhD from LSE). His passion for working with teams and leaders to make an impact goes back his education at UWC. He is currently Syntegra's partner leading the governance and strategy practice, lead educator and guide at and, as well as co-convenor and editor of ISO/TC309/WG1 Governance of Organizations. You can also find him recharging energy in the outdoors - preferably mountains or the sea.

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