SME Governance Guidebook

Under the leadership of IFC's Vladislava Ryabota and Alexey Volynets, Helen Carrington and Dr Axel Kravatzky formed the core editorial team that developed this guidebook based on the IFC's SME Governance Methodology and tools that were developed by and for the IFC by a wider team of experts. The guide also benefited from a internal and external peer reviews as well as government donor funded piloting of the tools and methods as well as guidebook development (full details in acknowledgement section

The result is a guidebook that is focused on the risks and opportunities faced by SMEs at the various stages of their lifecycles. Rather than suggesting that there is one common best set of practices for all SMEs, the guide offers tailored corporate governance recommendations - specific to different stages.

The associated Action Planning Tool help SME owners, investors, and managers take a pragmatic approach to governance. The result are strengthened SME that are more likely to be able to produce value over the long term.

IFC's SME Governance Guidebook

The guidebook is composed of four parts:

  • Chapter 1: SME Governance: what is it? Why is it important?
  • Chapter 2: SME Governance Framework
  • Chapter 3: Key Governance Topics and Leading Practices
  • Appendix: SME Action Planning Tool

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Axel Kravatzky

Dr Axel Kravatzky helps governance and strategy leaders innovate with fresh, high standard 21st Century approaches. He is purpose-driven, experienced and highly qualified (BSc, MSc, PhD from LSE). His passion for working with teams and leaders to make an impact goes back his education at UWC. He is currently Syntegra's partner leading the governance and strategy practice, lead educator and guide at and, as well as co-convenor and editor of ISO/TC309/WG1 Governance of Organizations. You can also find him recharging energy in the outdoors - preferably mountains or the sea.

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