Corporate governance legislative guide for Trinidad & Tobago

Between 2011 and 2014 we worked for the Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago and lead the production of a series of corporate governance guides as part of an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded project. These guides are available on the Energy Chambers' website. We referencing them here and providing direct access those files as matter of convenience for you, as a reference to our work, and to promote the work of the Energy Chamber in this regard.

Compliance with the law is necessary but not sufficient condition in the pursuit of good governance. The law speaks to and touches on many aspects pertaining to the governance of organizations. It is important to be always on top of the pertinent legislation.  

Legislative Guide for Corporate Governance in Trinidad & Tobago

This legislative guide provides a comprehensive summary of legislative requirements and related guidelines pertaining to corporate governance. This guide pulls together key references and specifications from many different laws of Trinidad & Tobago and addresses a wide range of themes:

  • Types of corporate entities
  • Legal framework
  • Board composition and remuneration of directors
  • Direct appointments
  • Functional rules for board of directors work
  • Duties and liabilities of directors
  • Transactions with directors and conflicts
  • Company meetings
  • Audit requirements
  • Company secretary role in corporate governance
  • International laws and regulations affecting companies in T&T

Access the other Guides on Corporate Governance from the Energy Chamber

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