​​​​Managing Change

Too often strategy implementation starts with a rush of energy that quickly fades out... resistance is encountered that stops the process, or there are just too many other things to do by people who may not have the resources or new skills required to get it all done.

What is needed is practical support through clear appropriate methods that reduce the complexity to a level that the staff can manage given their workload, the stress of adjusting, and their current capabilities.

​We help deliver sustainable results

​We facilitate Change by Design

We offer the complete implementation solution:

We can be part of the implementation governance system, help you establish and manage the strategic change office, help you introduce a project management culture, helping you to redesign the organization bottom-up, help you examine and redesigning processes, developing job descriptions, developing training needs matrices and training plans, executing training, coaching, and communication.

Our philosophy is to be as light as possible but full as necessary – perfectly scalable and adjustable support.

​Area of Expertise

  • Change Management Support
  • Programme Management Framework Design
  • Resource Mapping (RASCI)
  • Implementation Support
  • Stakeholder Communication
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    MPA Sustainable Change Implementation Training Workshop

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