​​​​Leadership & Team Development

We work with you to discover the solutions that best fit your needs and support you during implementation.

Clients see us as a trusted advisor, coach, or change partner.

For leaders in Government, we work with you to establish appropriate governance systems to ensure accountability, transparency and effectiveness. We assist you to ascertain the facts of the current situation and develop an implementation roadmap building on what exists and prioritizing for maximum benefit. We provide you with a system for monitoring and reporting on benefits realization. We also coach you so that you can increase your influence laterally, across boundaries, to increase your effectiveness.

​We advise leaders on how to work authentically and with integrity

We support Leadership Development

For leaders in the private sector, we work with you to strengthen your boards and executive teams. We facilitate the induction of new boards to ensure role clarity and an effective policy framework to guide decision making. We work alongside you to develop your leadership pipeline and to provide coaching to enable your managers to fully take up their roles. We enable your teams to work together in more synchronous ways and to find innovative ways of doing more with less. We support you as you create a culture that is biased towards performance and results.

For leaders of civil society organizations, we enable you to focus on your core activity by providing you with the requisite systems and tools for managing your organization effectively. We work with you to streamline processes and increase efficiency so that more energy can be directed to serving your purpose. We help you to develop strategies for the future and support you from conceptualization to implementation and beyond.

For leaders of faith based organizations we support you to develop appropriate governance and management systems for large hierarchical organizations with a strong values base. We assist you to develop strategies for the future with the emphasis on attracting others and organizational renewal.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Team Building
  • Staff Team Building
  • Culture Assessment and Transformation
  • Personality Profiling using DISC Profile
  • Culture Survey
  • Customized Training
  • Syntegra stands out through thought leadership, innovation and experience based impact.