​​​​Corporate Governance

Governance of Organizations

Governance of organizations is the more general term and refers to the system by which an organization is directed, overseen, and held accountable to achieve its purpose. 

Corporate governance is more specific and refers to the systems and processes for governance of corporate entities, which are often larger. Organizational and corporate governance specify the distribution of rights and responsibilities among company's stakeholders (including share owners, directors, and managers) and articulates the rules and procedures for making decisions on organizational affairs. Corporate governance therefore provides the structure for defining, implementing, and monitoring a company's goals and objectives, and ensuring accountability to appropriate stakeholders.

At Syntegra, we recognize the vital importance of well-governed private and state owned enterprises to our societies. More importantly, we understand the complex and unique governance challenges they face.

We work with boards to develop their corporate governance practices through the application of international good practice and consensus-based approaches with a local understanding that ensures relevance, acceptability and sustainability. We equip boards with the knowledge, tools and resources to discharge their fiduciary duty and to demonstrate the highest standards of accountability.

​Areas of Expertise

Organizational Governance Benchmarking & Assessments

We use industry, national, and international good practice guidance together with the organisation's own governance policies to develop custom benchmarks and assessments.  

  • Board evaluation 
  •  Benchmark assessment 
  • Comparison with peers
  • Governance framework assessment

Governing Body Training

We custom design the training programmes for every board we work with in order to achieve the highest and most value adding impact for the board. We are partners in your success and committed to the highest quality standards.

  • Board Induction Workshop (New Director Orientation) 
  • ​The Effective Board Workshop 
  • ​Improving Corporate Governance In State Owned Enterprises

Governance Consultancy Support

We help you design and implement entire corporate governance frameworks or any part of it, based entirely on your needs. 

  • ​Board Strategy and Risk Review 
  • ​ Board Policy Development (Charter, Terms of Reference, Ethics Policy etc) 
  • ​Integrated Reporting Framework Development

What others say about our work


I worked with Syntegra on a board level organisational excellence project and found the experience to refreshingly challenging. The intellectual rigour which is always evident in Axel is matched by a supreme work ethic. Together they set a uniquely high bar indeed. I benefited significantly from the engagement as did the client organisation.

Peadar Duffy Founder Director SoluxR

I have worked closely with Axel over the past 4 years whilst we undertook the challenging task of co-convening the first International Standard on Guidance for Governance of Organisations (ISO37000).

I cannot recommend Axel highly enough due to a rare combination of experience and commitment to the topic of how to achieve the best governing system for an organisation - along with a highly advanced set of analytical skills around the topic. These skills are sharpened by a genuine and humble approach to solving the knotting questions that come with the territory. As such, he is honest when he doesn't fully understand a topic and is willing to adjust his views when presented with better evidence.

Axel's serious yet relaxed style of working makes him a pleasure to be engaged with. He is also one of the most generous people I know - if he is able to help then he will do his very best to, even when this involves sacrifice on his end. In summary, engaging Axel on the topic of governance can't possibly be a mistake. It is more than likely he is already highly competent in the area, and if not, he would be honest in letting you know the limits of his skills, break new ground if needed, or point you in the right direction.

Dr Victoria Hurth University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Visiting Fellow

Some of recent Organizational Governance work

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