Online support for transformation leaders

We are like mountain guides to the transformation leaders we support as our clients. We show the way, we create safety systems, we help to prepare for the journey, we guide and motivate along the way, and we also celebrate with the clients in their success.

We do carry a lot of the weight in a transformation project, but all leaders must remain responsible for carrying their weight as well.

The Syntegra Client Portal 

The client portal is the online basecamp for our clients. Here make resources available to them, offer them custom training programmes, and it is also the starting point of our online collaboration tools - including dedicated software for our coaching programmes. 

Axel Kravatzky

Dr Axel Kravatzky helps governance and strategy leaders innovate with fresh, high standard 21st Century approaches. He is purpose-driven, experienced and highly qualified (BSc, MSc, PhD from LSE). His passion for working with teams and leaders to make an impact goes back his education at UWC. He is currently Syntegra's partner leading the governance and strategy practice, lead educator and guide at and, as well as co-convenor and editor of ISO/TC309/WG1 Governance of Organizations. You can also find him recharging energy in the outdoors - preferably mountains or the sea.

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