​​​​About Us

​Syntegra Change Architects Ltd is a firm of experienced professionals who have worked locally, regionally and internationally in the field of Organisational Development over the past 15 years.

Syntegra combines first hand industry experience with deep expertise in leadership development, strategy, systems design and the management of organisational change to provide tangible sustainable results to clients. Our focus is toward the implementation of Strategic Organisational Change.

Our key areas of practice include Leadership, Governance, Strategy, and Change Implementation. We advise executives in understanding and effectively leading organisations through periods of significant change.

We help leaders increase their individual effectiveness, teams improve their collective performance, and organisations achieve their strategic objectives. We are a social business (a non-loss, non-dividend company) and our purpose is entirely directed toward addressing a social issue: enabling sustainable change. We work towards nurturing healthy organisational ecosystems that can have a positive impact on the society as a whole.

Our Vision

We are architects of change helping leaders build energetic and sustainable societies through healthy organisations and fulfilled individuals.

Our Mission

We support leaders, develop strategies, plan change, and manage change implementation so as to create synergy through systems with integrity. We help people work together to give flight to their highest aspirations with tangible results.

Our Values

  • Creativity - New ideas and solutions, linking multiple concepts for practical solutions.
  • Financially Viable - With confirmed positive service impact on individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Integrity - True to beliefs and values, authentic, whole, as well as processes and structures that are structurally fit for the job.
  • Sustainability - Environmental and social.
  • Team Synergy - Individuals with different specialties and background working towards common goals. Accountability, trust and commitment to execution.

​Our Key Attributes

Develop Focus and Clarity

Each one of our consultants bring a unique combination of public and private sector experience.

Transform Insights into Action

Our consultants are masters of their professional fields. 

Energize Teams

Clients tell us we are on the cutting edge.

Create Sustainable Solutions

Individually and as a company we are committed to achieving positive impacts.

Syntegra stands out through thought leadership, innovation and experience based impact.